Expect something

What can I expect during the session?

Expect to have fun!


The full session begins about an hour before sunset. We meet at your favorite 30A beach town.

I like to start off the beach on the walkways and green areas and then go down to the beach for the second half when the light is perfect. 

I will capture all the family group shots, siblings, children individually, and as much fun, loving, interaction shots as I can. 

It’s a fun laid back experience, that hopefully feels like an extension of your vacation together. My photo sessions should feel like a fun activity, not a chore.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What type poses/groupings can we expect to capture?

We will capture full group shots, individual family shots, siblings, individual children, and lots playful/loving/natural interaction shots. 

How long will the session last?

Full sessions last approximately 1 hour. 
Mini sessions last 20-30 minutes. 

What’s the main difference in the Mini Session and the Full Session?

Time! Time to settle in and relax. Time to flow through different locations. Time to play, and laugh, and love on one another. 

The extra time in a Full Session creates extra opportunity to capture the kind of images you see in my gallery. 

If your primary goal for the session is the perfect Christmas/Holiday Card image the Mini Session is probably for you.

What happens if it rains?

For starters, I almost never get rained out. The weather here at the beach always seems to give us a break in the late afternoon before sunset. 

In the unlikely event that we are unable to shoot due to weather, we can reschedule for the next available evening during your stay. 

What should we wear?

Rule number comfortable!  We are going to move, and play and love. Make sure everyone feels good in their clothes. Dress children in clothes that you know work, stay put and feel comfortable to them. You will want to be able to bend, kneel and sit on the ground. Simple is always great, but color is so important. Think classic - you will have these photos forever and should be able to look back and love what you were wearing. If you don't love a certain part of your body, wear something that makes you feel comfortable so you won't worry during your session. 

Rule number two...coordinate, but don’t match. You are a beautiful, unique, loving family with different personalities and spirits. You are not a sports team. Natural colors that coordinate work best. Stay away from super loud or neon colors and graphics with a brand name or sports team.

How do I get prints?

Great news! You have a ton of options!

You no longer need to be a professional photographer with a commercial account to get the finest quality print products. Over the last decade the best print labs in the country have opened their doors (and computers) to the public for print services. 

My collections provide you with the gold...the high resolution files, fully touched up, processed and ready to apply in any format that you desire. 

You have the freedom to print with any lab you choose, at lab cost, without the photographer price mark up. 

To make things extra convenient I have linked your high resolution files to Mpix/Millers Lab. I provide a simple to use, familiar shopping cart system that allows you to order prints, canvases, cards, albums and more easily from your phone, tablet or computer directly from the lab at wholesale lab prices. 

No order deadlines, no minimum purchase amounts, no delays and no price markups! It’s perfect!


Session Pricing


  • Digital Files: $100 Each

  • Purchase 15 Additional Digital Files for $1200 or Purchase All Additional Files for $2000

  • $850 due at time of session. Includes session fee and 5 Digital Files*

*required minimum purchase of 5 digital files.




  • 60+ images

  • Custom online presentation of your images

  • All high resolution digital files from your online presentation




  • 20+ images

  • Custom online presentation of your images

  • All high resolution digital files from your online presentation

  • Session fee for up to six people